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Hotels Restaurants

Bernardaud created an assortment of forms for the hotel and restaurant needs.

We have developed this collection bearing in mind the operational constraints of luxury hotel and restaurants and in response to the multiple/different applications in hospitality : room service, banquet room, Bistro service, formal dining, and bar/lounge. The extensive knowledge acquired through many years of collaborations with world renowned chefs and prestigious hotels worldwide, has allowed Bernardaud to develop a range of complete collections that are varied in style yet complementary.

Bernardaud principal occupation is to adapt the qualities of porcelain in response to the specific needs of its hotel and restaurant clients. Among them are the needs for objects that are shock resistant, have shapes that provide optimal heat conservation, and can tolerate repeated industrial washings at high temperatures. In addition, Bernardaud creates patterns to exacting standards of refinement and elegance that are simple to maintain, offer multiple possibilities for usage, and are adapted to large-scale food service requirements. As a result, Bernardaud has the ability to respond to any demand from the hospitality sector.

Bernardaud welcomes the opportunity to work with your company to conceive original decorative patterns for your hotel or restaurant. Simply contact your sales representative who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Bernardaud is the most innovative brand in porcelain tableware today for the high-end hospitality sector.